About Us


I am Ani. In the last 27 years I have a family business. This has both good and bad sides. My daily life is dynamic and tense. The toughest period of the year for me is through the months September - December. Then my working day may exceed 16 hours.

As the years go by, it has become more difficult for me to cope with fatigue and stress. Communicating with people was exhausting me. But worst of all, I started getting sick right before Christmas. My immune system used to collapse and instead of cheering and enjoying my grandchildren, I spent more than 10 days with a high fever and heavy exhaustion. This began to repeat every year, causing the need of a stronger antibiotic treatment.

Last year at Christmas, a good friend of mine, who works as a doctor in Germany, came to visit me. She found me in the same condition. Then she took a tigovit pack out of her bag and recommended that I take 3 capsules a day. I have always been sceptic about such supplements, but decided that green tea, if doesnt help, can not hurt. To my surprise, tigovit gave me the energy to recover faster and to strengthen my immune system. Since then I have been taking it for a whole year, especially in tense moments. It makes a great difference. I am more focused now, have more energy, dont suffer from exhaustion and dont get sick any more. There was also an unexpected bonus for me - I took off a few extra pounds.

Tigovit was not available on our market and after a few orders from Germany, I decided to import it. That's how I became the tigovit's official representative in Bulgaria.

Everyone deserves an easy and comfortable solution to cope with stress and fatigue. I hope you enjoy the benefits of taking tigovit as much as I do!

Ani Rangelova